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Any label can be copied. But we have made a label which has not been copied since the past 15 years. The label is beautiful, does not itch & piracy of the garment can be easily proven from the uniqueness of the label.

Satin printed labels with twin printing are generally stitched on one side & the label is made to hang. (It is not folded). If the label touches the skin, the ultrasonic “cut” eliminates any itching.

A customer may want size labels in 20 variations. The quantity may also be in a few hundreds. Arrow can manage this complexity.

Frenchie brand has a bright red label since years. The brand is recognized from the label. Similarly, The Benetton labels are all green. Their labels speak for the brand. Any garment brand should have a labeling strategy.

Such labels look like a rubber stamp on the garment. They are guaranteed not to itch. But they have drawbacks:

  • They can be easily copied as the equipment to make then is not expensive. Even a small manufacturer     can copy a bigger brand’s label.
  • They wash off.
  • Information on such labels is limited to 2 lines. Arrow believes that a woven edge satin printed label is superior.

This depends on the type of garment. It is best to discuss with us.

A company called Pantone has a catalogue of hundreds of shades printed on paper. Each shade has a unique number. If two companies have the catalogue, they can communicate the exact shade by quoting the unique number.

  • Washing durability-(Standard ISO 105)
  • Colour fastness to dry/wet rubbing (Standard 105-X12)
  • Colour fastness to hot pressing (Standard 105-X11)
  • Colour fastness to water (Standard ISO 105-E01)
  • Colour fastness to dye transfer in storage (Standard Modified AATCC163)
  • Appearance after dry cleaning (Standard ISO 105-D01)

Yes. We are currently making a care label in 36 languages.

Damask (dictionary word) is a tightly woven label.

Yes. The clarity is very good. Do ask for a sample.

Yes. We can do the audit at no cost. We guarantee improvements. Please suggest an appointment.

Our expertise is in offering solutions. We can certainly try. We have helped a customer by offering alternatives.